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Self Esteem Therapy Online | Feel Better About Who You Are

“I don’t feel like my true self is good enough.”

Are you unhappy with who you are? Do you feel defective in some fundamental way? Or not good enough? If that sounds like the struggle you’re facing, let’s get you some support. Self Esteem Therapy can help you feel happy about who you are, even if that seems farfetched today.

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How it Feels to Have Low Self-Esteem

With low self esteem, you may feel the need to blend in and have no needs just to be liked. Or that you don’t deserve the good things in life: romantic partners, financial stability, positive attention and the space to be yourself, truly. Low self esteem can lead to:

  • People pleasing
  • Tolerating abuse
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Lack of connection to yourself
  • Feeling “not good enough” regularly
  • Constantly assuming you’re doing something wrong
  • Fabricating parts of your personality so people will accept you

You didn’t choose to have low self esteem, but you can choose to heal it. It would be an honor to support you in reclaiming your self worth and your life.

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Astounding Benefits of Self Esteem Therapy: Increase Your Confidence

You can reclaim your self esteem, worth, and sense of lovability through work with a competent therapist. Here are just a few benefits you can find in self esteem therapy:

  • Loving yourself regardless of circumstances
  • Learning to stand up for yourself confidently
  • Feeling validated internally (no more people pleasing!)
  • Knowing that life events don’t affect your inherent worth as a human
  • Building stronger self esteem that can weather interpersonal difficulties

The truth is that your level of self esteem effects every relationship you have, including with yourself. Why not work to improve your self esteem and enjoy better relationships? You can walk away feeling liked for who you are, valued in every situation, and free from relationships that don’t serve the new you.

About Me: Your Self Esteem Therapist in Nevada and California

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Hi, I’m Sonia Diaz-Ebadi, a self esteem therapist in Nevada and California.

I know the effect on self esteem that abuse can bring. Especially abuse brought by someone you love (and who’s supposed to love you in return).

I’ve dealt with my own deep pain and can hold space for yours. I’m here so you can get this low self worth out of your system. Then, we can make a plan to move forward with confidence.

It’s a honor to support you and your self esteem journey.

Sonia Diaz-Ebadi, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Nevada and California

My Approach to Self Esteem Therapy

As your therapist for self esteem, I’m 1,000% on your side. Your story will be believed.

The experiences that taught you to have low self worth can be reexamined, reframed, and released. Together, we can make sure you:

  • Heal from self esteem damaging experiences
  • Leave (or pause) relationships that don’t serve you
  • Connect deeply with self love and the joy of being you
  • Release shame-filled beliefs that tell you you’re not good enough
  • Forgive your past selves and anyone who hurt your self esteem, so you can move forward with ease and grace

You can do these and more. The first step is getting the support you need. Click the button below and let me support and guide you to freedom.

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How to Start Therapy for Self Esteem

Step One: Fill out my contact form and share as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.

Step Two: Start with a free 15-minute consultation.

Step Three: Continue meeting me for therapy every week until we get you to a better place.

My session rate is $200 per 50-minute session. Most clients come weekly.

Currently, I am 100% remote. This means we’ll meet online using a secure telehealth platform. Don’t worry, all your information is private and confidential.

Lastly, I am not in-network with any insurance plans. Need to use your insurance? I will provide you with the right documentation to help you get reimbursement and help you navigate that process.

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Who Would You Become if You Healed Your Self Esteem?

Imagine who you’ll become when you heal the root cause of your self esteem challenges. 

  • Are you more confident and courageous?
  • Will you be more yourself and less guarded?
  • Are you stepping up for your own wants and needs?
  • How will you open up to new experiences and connections?
  • What things will you do now that your self esteem is repaired?

You don’t have to wait until you’re in crisis mode or at your lowest point before seeking help. Fill out the contact form below or text/call me at (805) 637-7630.

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FAQs About Self Esteem Therapy

Low self-esteem can stem from various sources such as negative childhood experiences, bullying, abusive relationships, or constant criticism from significant people in your life. Sometimes, societal pressures and unrealistic standards can also play a role.

Common signs of low self-esteem include:

  • Constant self-criticism and negative self-talk
  • Difficulty accepting compliments
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • Fear of failure or making mistakes
  • People-pleasing behavior
  • Feeling unworthy or inadequate
If you relate to a few of these, or just sense that you could grow in self esteem, contact me for a free 15-minute phone consultation. It’s no obligation to work with me afterwards, but meeting will help us know if we’re a good fit.

Long-term effects of low self-esteem can include chronic mental health issues like depression and anxiety, difficulties in relationships, poor academic or job performance, and an overall reduced quality of life. It can also lead to substance abuse or other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

You’re here now. Take the next step in improving your self esteem. Contact me for a free consultation.

Therapists can help improve self-esteem by providing a safe and supportive environment to explore and challenge negative beliefs. These can be any negative belief about yourself that you picked up as a result of trauma, abuse, and/or neglect. Beliefs like “I’m not good enough,” “I’m too much,” “nobody likes me or could ever love me,” and “I’m a loser.”

I use various techniques like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to reframe negative thoughts, teach assertiveness and self-compassion, and help you build a more positive self-image through gradual exposure to confidence-building activities. We can also process negative memories together using EMDR therapy, and shake off stress using somatic therapies. I’m not just trauma-informed, but trauma-trained. I can help you overcome trauma that led to low self esteem.

The time it takes to recover from low self-esteem varies for each person. It depends on the underlying causes, your commitment to the process, and the therapeutic methods we use. Some people may see improvements in a few months, while others might take a year or more. The best thing would be to start today with a free 15-minute phone consultation. Just fill out the contact form above or call me at (805) 637-7630.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is often considered the most effective therapy for low self-esteem. However, other approaches like mindfulness-based therapy, EMDR therapy, and somatic therapy have been beneficial for some clients. Trauma and low self esteem are intertwined, and using a variety of methods can help untangle the two and help you heal and feel good enough.

A person with high self-esteem typically:

  • Exhibits confidence and self-assuredness
  • Accepts themselves, including their flaws
  • Is able to set and maintain healthy boundaries
  • Shows resilience in the face of challenges
  • Engages in positive self-talk and self-care
  • Is open to new experiences and learning opportunities
Together, we can get you there. Start by contacting me today and getting your free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit. If not, I’ll have some colleagues you might like to work with.

Starting self-esteem therapy in Las Vegas is simple. Just fill out the contact form on my website to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. We’ll discuss your needs and see if we’re a good fit. If so, we can begin regular sessions, all conducted online for your convenience. If you have any questions, feel free to text or call me at (805) 637-7630.