Heal Your Inner Child | Childhood Trauma Therapy for Adults in Las Vegas

Our childhood wounds affect us long after we’ve grown up. And while you can’t change your past, you can heal from it. In fact, it’s your responsibility to do so. Childhood trauma therapy is the process of healing childhood wounds. It’s a chance to see, hear, and hold our inner child. It’s a chance to break the chains of the past and set yourself free.

How You May Be Struggling with Childhood Trauma

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Childhood trauma leaves scars. Maybe you can relate to these scars:

  • Social Anxiety and/or Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Struggles with relationships
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Feelings of abandonment
  • Boundary challenges
  • Strong insecurities
  • Rage and anger
  • Intense grief
  • Depression

And more.

What Happens During Childhood Trauma Therapy?

The effects of childhood trauma can last a lifetime if unaddressed. Over time, it can lead to social isolation, worsening symptoms of depression, homelessness, substance use, or mental illness.

However, childhood trauma is treatable. It will take a lot of will and effort, but it can be done. Over time, childhood trauma therapy can help you better manage your symptoms and triggers. Thus, you can better manage yourself and your emotions.

When you join me for therapy, we’ll start with creating the safest space possible for you to share your story. This is done with the utmost respect and compassion for what happened to you. You didn’t choose to go through this trauma. As the work progresses, you’ll understand what happened to you and may start to develop compassion for the younger versions of yourself that had to endure it.

Trauma Therapy

Tools for Healing Trauma

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing – a long-winded way to describe a simple therapy. First, we’ll look at a childhood memory that’s causing you pain. Then, we’ll help your brain process that memory and store it away without the same emotional charge. EMDR is simple, effective, and can be done with or without talking. That means you won’t have to share the details of your memories if you don’t want to.

Somatic Work – Do you have chronic aches and pains in your body? It could be the energies of trauma. Somatic Work is the process of feeling into these energies and moving through them, so you can release them for good. It’s safe, effective, and very calming. We’ll go at a pace you’re comfortable with at all times.

With these modalities on your side, you can experience:

  • Relief from traumatic memories
  • An understanding of the things you’ve endured
  • Progressive improvement in anxiety and depression
  • Stronger self-esteem and relationships with others
  • A strong, loving connection with your inner child
  • Better boundaries and relationships with others
  • And more.
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Meet Your Las Vegas Trauma Therapist

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Hi, I’m Sonia Diaz-Ebadi. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in both Nevada and California. I currently live in Las Vegas where I offer online therapy to clients like you.

A lot of us with childhood trauma have trouble feeling safe with others, so this is a big focus of our work. I’ll do my best to help you feel like you can just BE. You, your pain, and your inner child are welcome here. My relational skills – building rapport, trust, alliance, and attunement – will help us build a fruitful therapeutic relationship.

Over the last 14 years, I’ve seen a huge range of issues in my practice. So, I’m here to provide the container for your healing process to occur. Whether you endured abuse, neglect, abandonment, enmeshment, or another form of trauma, I’m here to support you through this.

Clients tell me I’m relaxed, engaging, and easy to open up with. I hope we can work together to help you move past your painful childhood experiences, and give your inner child some love!

-Sonia Diaz-Ebadi, LMFT in Nevada and California

Special Trainings for Trauma Healing

I’m not just trauma-informed. I’m trauma-trained and possess the skills to help you. In addition to my university education, here are some trauma-specific trainings I’ve completed:
  • Natural Processing 1
  • Relationship Recovery Processing Training 1
  • Relationship Recovery Processing Training 2

All these are intense trauma trainings that take years to complete. When you’re with me, you’ll have an expert by your side for support, guidance, and celebrating each small win.

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What Types of Trauma Do I Help Treat?

There are many types of trauma, and I help with childhood traumas around attachment. That means I help with abuse, neglect, abandonment, enmeshment, and other relational concerns.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and/or Sexual Abuse

Abuse can take many forms, all of which leave a lasting emotional memory. Even witnessing abuse is traumatic, according to the latest science. A few examples of abuse are being hit, yelled at, called names, manipulated, molested, or touched sexually. If you’ve experienced abuse, trauma therapy can help you heal it and move forward with dignity.

Neglect and Feeling Left Out or Forgotten

Sometimes it’s the things that didn’t happen that hurt the most. The hugs we didn’t get, the congratulations we never received, the attention that wasn’t there. Neglect can lead to a wide number of negative feelings about the self. Feeling invisible, lost, forgotten, or left out is common. If you’ve endured neglect, trauma therapy can help you heal and feel worthy of attention and love.


Abandonment is like neglect in that the child doesn’t get love, affection, and attention. It can be harsher in expression, such as the parent completely leaving the child for long periods. Examples include:

    • waiting for adoption
    • having a parent who is emotionally absent due to addiction
    • the death or illness of a parent that feels like abandonment
    • and more.

Trauma therapy can help uncover and process these emotions. It can help you develop healthier feelings around attachment to others.

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Enmeshment is when a parent or caregiver uses the child to meet their own needs. Perhaps the parent used the child for emotional intimacy, to go on “dates”, or to escape a failing marriage. The effect can be:

    • A love/hate relationship with the enmeshing parent
    • Inconsistent self-esteem (high, low, high)
    • Rage
    • Inadequacy
    • Being the caretaker in romantic relationships
    • and more.

Trauma therapy can address enmeshment and help you individuate from the enmeshing parent.

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Other Important Types of Trauma

Attachment Traumas come in a variety of expressions. It can look like chasing or avoiding your attachment figure. Or, it can look like switching between these two unhealthy options. Attachment traumas can run deep, but the good news is that they’re treatable. With the right help and guidance, you can develop secure attachment styles. That’s true in romance, with friends, with siblings, and in other important relationships.

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Join Childhood Trauma Therapy Today. Experience a More Hopeful Tomorrow.

Do you want to recover from childhood trauma? Do you want to loosen the grip that this trauma has on you? How would it feel to be free from the lingering effects and patterns that started so long ago?

Benefits of joining childhood trauma therapy:

  • Process old traumatic memories once and for all
  • Experience relief that you didn’t know was possible
  • Develop healthy self-esteem that can withstand life’s curveballs
  • Reparent your inner child and give them the love and care they need
  • Release the stress that’s lingered in your body for years or decades
  • Get expert help and insight from a therapist who cares about you and your story
  • Know that your story matters and that you don’t have to hide what you’ve endured

How to Start Therapy for Childhood Trauma

When you start therapy to heal the traumas you’ve experienced, expect a simple process.

Step One: Fill out my contact form and share as much or as little as you feel comfortable sharing.

Step Two: Start with a free 15-minute consultation.

Step Three: Continue meeting me for weekly therapy until we get you to a better place.

My session rate is $200 per 50-minute session. Most clients come weekly.

Currently, I am 100% remote. This means we’ll meet for online therapy using a secure telehealth platform. Don’t worry, all your information is private and confidential.

Lastly, I am not in-network with any insurance plans. Need to use your insurance? I will provide you with the right documentation to help you get reimbursement and help you navigate that process.

Contact me now using the form below. I’ll respond within 48 hours (not including weekends).

Contact Me for Trauma Therapy in NV or CA

Trauma depends on the person. A good definition is “anything that happened that shouldn’t, and anything that didn’t happen that should have.” This includes abuse, neglect, enmeshment, abandonment, and many other experiences you may have had. If you are curious about any childhood trauma you may have experienced, check in with your feelings. If it left a negative emotional mark on you, it may have been a trauma for you. Consult a licensed therapist near you for help addressing trauma.

In adults, unprocessed childhood trauma shows up as triggers, self-worth issues, anxiety, depression, and other mental health and relational concerns. If you think childhood trauma is showing up for you, I can share effective ways to cope before our first session. call me today for a free 15-minute phone consultation.

There are many ways to heal from childhood trauma, thankfully. My clients have benefitted greatly from EMDR and Somatic Work. These are therapies that have shown positive benefits on trauma in clinical trials. Mindfulness and CBT are also helpful and I may use them if you respond well to them.

You may be remembering past trauma seemingly at random. If this is happening, it could mean that your subconscious feels safe enough to let these things come up. This is good! Your subconscious only gives you as much as you can handle. The only way to stop these memories from coming up is to process them somehow. Most people choose therapy for this processing. Call me today or schedule a free phone consultation here.

Childhood trauma is more impactful the earlier it happens. The same trauma will impact you more at age 2 than at age 5, for example. If you’re ready to process the things you’ve endured and feel better, call me or schedule a free phone consultation. I can help you understand your childhood traumas and process them at a pace that feels right for you.

My clients have benefitted a lot from EMDR and Somatic Work. EMDR uses eye movements to help your brain process past experiences. Somatic Work is where we focus on releasing energy stored in your body, so you feel lighter and less tense overall. I also have other modalities we can use depending on what you respond best to. Call me today or schedule a free phone consultation.

EMDR has proven helpful for processing childhood trauma. By using eye movements to assist your brain in processing trauma, you may get relief from childhood trauma. An increasing number of therapists use EMDR for childhood trauma. If you’re ready to experience relief from painful memories and childhood trauma, call me today or schedule a free phone consultation.